Canoe Ventures Sees Impression Declines For DAI Advertising In 2020

Due to COVID-19, Canoe Ventures, which provides dynamic ad insertion (DAI) on video platforms, witnessed its first annual decline in annual advertising impressions -- slipping 5% in 2020 to 26 billion.

Early in the pandemic, the average number of video-on-demand DAI advertising sessions actually grew in March (nearly 12 million) and April (nearly 13 million), as a result of higher stay-at-home viewing.

But viewership then declined, given TV production delays of fall-season entertainment shows. From September to December, impressions sank to around 8 million per month.

Dynamic ad insertion is a server-side video ad technology enabling video ads to be placed into live linear programming and video-on-demand content. Canoe is owned by Comcast, Charter Communications' Spectrum and Cox Communications, and covers 38 million U.S. homes.



Currently, Canoe says the majority (80%) of its advertising campaigns have a frequency cap of no more than two ads per episode.

Canoe says 93% of its ad inventory was sold through direct sales teams, with 7% sold through private marketplaces -- 85.5% of that inventory from external advertisers, 14.5% internal advertisers (tune-in network promo advertising).

Canoe provides video-on-demand dynamic ad insertion (DAI) on video platforms including set-top-box, IP, and mobile on over 100 national TV networks in 150 markets.

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