Dish Network, DraftKings Make Integration Deal With Sports Wagering

Dish Network has made a deal with DraftKings, the sports wagering/gambling company, where viewers can directly access its platform, viewing betting odds or initiating the placement of wagering, on Dish’s set-top-box Hopper.

Dish Network says this is the first app integration of its kind.

After a viewer starts a bet, they will receive a mobile prompt to complete the transaction on the DraftKings app.

Initially, Dish customers can wager on NCAA basketball, NBA and NHL games. The deal will extend to Dish Network's Sling TV and Boost Mobile platforms in the future.

Linking up with this activity, viewers can set recordings on the Hopper to watch specific live sports events, connected with that wagering.

Many TV networks and distributors believe recent sports-wagering partnerships will be a significant revenue enhancer, especially in helping to combat rising sports TV content right fees.

Online sports gambling is growing in many states. Just over 24 states have now legalized gambling or have introduced bills to legalized sports wagering. Only those Dish customers in legal states will be able to make wagers.

Initial Wednesday stock market trading, just after the announcement, saw DraftKings stock up 3%, with Dish Network 7% higher.



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