Firms Team Up To Send Podcast Notifications By Email, SMS

Brands that seek to publicize their podcasts at the moment of their release have a new tool to help them do it. 

Podcast platform PodcastOne has partnered with messaging firm Laylo to provide direct-to-consumer notifications via email, SMS and other channels. 

“We can now directly connect with listener groups across SMS, email, Facebook Messenger and Discord" to build "loyal and engaged podcast audiences," states Kit Gray, president of PodcastOne.

In addition, Gray says, Laylo will allow PodcastOne to "instantly target and notify their fans and listeners about breaking news, live events, and available merchandise in real-time.”

Laylo's messaging and landing-page tools will notify fans about new episodes, events, content, NFTs, and virtual and other merchandise. 

The first feature they will be working on together is the latest episode of "Mea Culpa" with Michael Cohen.

When the podcast debuts, Cohen will release a line of branded Mea Culpa merchandise, including orange jumpsuits. His fans were notified about the merchandise through their choice of email, SMS or Facebook Messenger.

Future drops will feature such PodcastOne talent as Heather Dubrow, Kaitlyn Bristowe, Adam Carolla, Brett Favre, Eric Bolling, Rob Horry, and Jordan Harbinger.

PodcastOne is a subsidiary of LiveXLive Media.




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