For Premium Streamers, Linear TV Offers More Promo Marketing Value Than Paid TV Ads

Nearly three months into 2021, legacy TV companies continue to use their own linear TV networks to tout more overall marketing for their premium TV services.

More than half of the total estimated TV marketing for premium TV streamers -- $264.2 million of $474.5 million, according to -- comes from the media value of TV promotional announcements on linear TV networks owned by legacy TV companies.

Of those, Discovery Inc.’s discovery+ continues to dominate all other legacy TV-based streamers with on-air promo messaging -- $147.6 million in estimated media value from promos on Discovery’s linear TV networks. The streamer launched January 4.

ViacomCBS was next at $53 million; Disney+, $19.9 million; NBCUniversal’s Peacock, $8.2 million; Fox Corp’s Fox Nation, $8.0 million; Hulu, $7.6 million; ESPN+, 7.5 million; and AMC+, $6.1 million.

A total of $201.2 million has been placed by premium streamers when it comes to paid national TV spending. Disney+ leads here at $38.6 million. Amazon Prime Video follows at $33.5 million, then comes Apple TV+ at $22.4 million.

Further down the paid advertising list are YouTube Originals, at $17.9 million; discovery+, with $15.5 million; HBO Max, $12 million; Hulu, $11.9 million; NCAA March Madness Live, $11.4 million; Netflix, $8.6 million; Paramount+, $7.5 million; Fox’s Tubi. $7.1 million; and fuboTV, $5.3 million.



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