YouTube Increases Hip-Hop Selection In Dynamic Music Lineups

Hip-hop is one of the fastest-growing genres in music on YouTube U.S., aside from pop and rock, and the most viewed music genre between October through December last year. In fact, hip-hop artists occupied all 10 spots in YouTube’s top 10 most-viewed artists in the U.S. list for 2020.

Based on the genre’s success, YouTube on Tuesday announced changes that will enable advertisers to easily reach this music audience.  

“The rise of hip-hop on YouTube presents advertisers with a tremendous opportunity to reach music fans where they're watching, and support diverse creators and artists,” Tuma Basa, director of Black Music & Culture, YouTube, wrote in a post on Tuesday.

Brands now can purchase these lineups to run ads against the music, reach hip-hop fans and support the diverse artists and creators on YouTube.

Lineups are powered by advanced contextual targeting, and designed to find the ideal mix of content sentiment for audiences and brands.

Lineups are selected in Google Ads and are aligned to moments, topics, relevance, or popularity.

BET leveraged the rap and hip-hop dynamic lineup and other contextual and audience-based solutions, driving 4% gains in consideration, and a 21% lift in searches for the 2020 BET Hip-Hop Awards.

Levi's also used YouTube's dynamic hip-hop music lineup and videos from the #YouTube Black Voices Artist Class of 2021 to promote its independent film, Beauty of Becoming.

One sequence in the video narrated by Haben Girma emphasizes “you’re not a burden. Anyone who says otherwise is afraid of your power.”

Dynamic lineups can include seasonal events, travel, sports, media and entertainment, beauty and fashion, video games, and more. They are built using country-specific content to appeal to local markets.

Adam Stewart, vice president of sales at Google, believes hip-hop is a major driver of global culture today.

"It's exciting that brands are recognizing the powerful opportunity to support underrepresented artists and creators with inclusive media plans and marketing strategies," he said, adding that it's about serving up the hottest, most culturally relevant hip-hop music moments.

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