B2B Brands Offered New Selling Capabilities Through Technology Partnership

B2B sales and marketing teams are being offered new ways to conduct personalized selling, thanks to a technology partnership between Folloze and 6sense.

The goal is to help brands deliver buyer experiences that are "personalized, timely, and relevant" across digital channels, says Viral Bajaria, CTO and co-founder at 6sense. 

The integration identifies target accounts and delivers contextual buying journeys at scale based on intent, stage, industry and use case, the companies say.

The account identification tool offered by 6sense matches unknown visitors to accounts, while pulling up firmographics, current buying stage, segment, and intent keywords.

For its part, Folloze executes campaigns, using automation to guide buyers through self-service journeys. The company measures content consumption, viewing time, topics of interest, most-active buying team members and other engagement metrics. 

Over 80% of B2B selling is now conducted digitally, the companies claim. 

“Marketing teams must now step up and assume greater ownership of the lead-to-revenue cycle,” states David Brutman, chief product officer and co-founder of Folloze. “To meet these new realities, marketers must consistently deliver high-value and relevant journeys for today’s demanding B2B buyer.” 




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