Emailers, Beware: Gen Z Is Far From Loyal To Brands

Email marketers struggling to reach younger consumers will not be reassured by a new study from Sitecore, conducted by Advanis. 

Of Gen Z shoppers, 57% are less loyal to brands now than they were before the pandemic. And a poor digital shopping experience will cause 37% to abandon a purchase or post a negative review, while 38% will allow a brand a single second chance. 

But 80% are more willing to try new brands online since the start of the pandemic, showing that either there are more Gen Zers shopping online — or that they are less loyal to brands. 

It's challenging for marketers to address Gen Z’s purchase abandonment in emails without some idea as to what aggravates these shoppers. 

Here’s one clue: 63% have less patience with slow or inefficient websites. 

Here’s another: 74% will jump to another site if the online store is out of stock. And they don’t like slow shipping: 80% prefer brands that deliver within 24 hours. 

All this points to the need for transparency and systems that can spit out emails with real-time stock updates and delivery notifications. 

In another finding, 76% believe their favorite brands should reward them for their business.

Gen Z also demands that a website works well on mobile devices (53%), remember their shopping preferences (46%) and provides personalized suggestions (43%). They have to expect the same of email.  

Sitecore notes statistics showing that Gen Z  has estimated shopping power of up to $143 billion.

“This study highlights that brands can’t ignore the power of poor digital experiences when it comes to Gen Z and its shopping habits,” states Paige O’Neill, chief marketing officer, Sitecore. 

O’Neill says this group "has quickly shifted its significant spending power online, and pressure will continue to mount on retailers until they can deliver an experience that delights.” 

Advantis surveyed 2,124 U.S. consumers, including 1,061 aged 18-24, from March 31 to April 7 of this year. 

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