OAAA Releases 'Industry-Wide' Media Mobile Measurement Standard For Digital OOH Media

The Out-of-Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA), this morning released a comprehensive guide for capturing mobile advertising identity data to effectively evaluate which consumers are exposed to digital out-of-home (DOOH) media.

The OAAA said the guide, “OAAA DOOH Exposure Methodology Standardization Guidelines and Best Practices," was developed with "top member industry leaders" and that it is intended to serve as an industry-wide measurement standard.

The framework focuses primarily on the retargeting and attribution use cases of DOOH exposure data, and delineates best practices for various DOOH advertising inventory formats.

Key methodology topics addressed include:

• Required input variables from venue data
• Required input variables from movement data
• Required input variables from ad play data
• Latitude/longitude precision, distance and average dwell time values by venue type
• Output variables by use case



Companies contributing to the guidelines included Vistar Media, Foursquare, Adsquare, Clear Channel Outdoor, JCDecaux, Lamar Advertising, Lightbox, Veraset, Verizon Media, Volta, Adelphic, AdQuick, Geopath, GSTV, MFour, The Trade Desk and Ubimo/Quotient.

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