CTV Ad Impressions Grow 87% In North America, Fraud Volume Remains Steady

Nearly one-third (29%) of all digital video advertising impressions in North America come via connected TV devices -- now the leading video impression share, according to DoubleVerify, the digital media measurement and analytics company.

CTV video impressions grew 87% year-over-year, while mobile web video is up 104%.

Globally, video ad impressions are 56% higher year-over-year.

The volume of CTV video advertising fraud -- an ongoing problem -- has remained steady.

Some good news globally is that rates for one type of ad fraud -- SIVT violations -- fell 4%. SIVT stands for "sophisticated invalid traffic," meaning that it uses advanced malicious methods.

For CTV, the fraud efforts are shifting. Bot-based fraud is down to a 44% share in 2021, from 78% in 2020.

At the same time, “data center traffic” fraud is growing -- now at a 36% share. This is where bad actors can spoof server-side ad insertion inventory. For example, making a mobile impression look like a CTV impression.

In terms of other CTV fraud, 15% comes from site and app fraud and 5% comes from adware and malware.



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