Sendlane Partners With ClickBank To Support Affiliate Marketers

Email automation supplier Sendlane has partnered with Click/Bank, a retailer and affiliate marketplace in a two-way effort to support affiliate marketing. 

The arrangement allows Sendlane to integrate affiliate marketing into its business mix while giving ClickBank vendors access to Sendlane’s email and SMS marketing automation. 

The partnership allows one-click integration into ClickBank stores, the company says.

And it helps vendors trigger relevant hyper-personalized messages to customers based on purchases, refunds, abandoned carts and other events.

“I myself was a ClickBank Platinum Vendor before starting Sendlane,” says Jimmy Kim, CEO of Sendlane. “We understand the pain points Clickbank vendors face every day, including the specific needs of direct-response marketers who have a hybrid business model that includes using affiliate marketing to increase CLTV.”

Founded in 2018,  Sendlane announced last month that it had raised $20 million in Series A funding, bringing its total financing to $23 million.  

ClickBank helps entrepreneurs and product owners build businesses. Its CEO Kelly Householder says Sendlane was “a natural choice” given its integration and support.




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