Streaming Subscribers' Cancellations At Low 6% Churn Rate In Q2

Although there is still a lot of premium streaming disruption with new entries and different positioning, the churn of consumers -- those who are dropping services -- has remained relatively flat or has slightly decreased, according to Kantar Entertainment on Demand.

Total “churn” was 6% in the second quarter of this year -- down from 8%. That means 92% to 94% of consumers remain “loyal” to their services.

Over the last three quarters, Kantar says, “loyal” consumers are 11 times higher versus the percentage of “churn” subscribers overall.

Of those that made a change, Kantar says 23% of respondents made the switch to another service, citing a desire to see specific film or TV program. Another 25% said they cancelled a service to save money.

The best churn results has been with Netflix and Amazon Prime Video each at a low 4% in the second quarter, followed by Hulu and HBO Max, each at 5%; and Disney, 6%.

The worst performers were Peacock, at 13% for their advertising-free option, and Apple TV+ at 9%.

Kantar’s Entertainment on Demand service comes from a quarterly survey of 20,000 U.S. respondents, and 12,000 U.K respondents.



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