90% Of Hispanics Intend To Take A Leisurely Overnight Trip In The Next 2 Years

Hispanic U.S. travelers spent more than $113.9 billion on domestic leisure travel in 2019. Reviews from other travelers are the most important resource when planning a trip.

Tripadvisor, a travel guidance platform, on Tuesday released its 2021 U.S. Hispanic traveler report in partnership with MMGY Global, an integrated marketing company.

The whitepaper, co-authored by Christine Maguire, general manager/vice president, Global Media Business, and Shayna Walker, global head of ED&I, at Tripadvisor, analyzes the U.S. Hispanic traveler. In 2019, this group, which makes up about 12.8% of the leisure market, collectively took 444.6 million domestic leisurely trips.

How much time do Hispanics spend planning a trip?  Almost 30% spend less than 2 hours planning road trips, and nearly half report they start to research road trips less than two weeks in advance. Some 28% of those travelers say they plan road trips at the last minute, followed by 29% who say they plan them between 3 and 4 hours in advance, and 19% who plan them between 5 and 6 hours in advance. About 73% said reviews are the most important planning tool.

Breaking that down into hotel stays, Hispanic leisure travelers spent an average of 13.1 nights in paid accommodations, a 30% year-over-year increase. On average, that translates to spending $798 on each overnight leisure stay in 2019. 

The data aims to assist brands understand the importance of meeting the needs of the U.S. Hispanic consumer of which 90% surveyed plan to take an overnight leisure trip in the next 24 months, which will have far reaching economic impact and growth opportunities for brands. 

Marketers need to understand nuances in addressing this market segment. For starters, 80% of survey respondents noted they would rather be referred to as “Hispanic” vs. 25% Latina or Latino, and 3% LatinX. Equally important is that travel typically includes family. When U.S. Hispanics travel, 93% bring along family members. Visiting friends and family is the top reason for them to travel.

When making decisions about where to go and what to do, U.S. Hispanic travelers look to reviews as their top source for trip planning. 

Some 73% said reviews from other travelers were the most helpful when choosing a destination or planning a trip, with more than 148.2 million U.S. Hispanic travelers say they rely on Tripadvisor for advice.

Hispanics also value quality, according to the whitepaper. Some 71% will pay more for a higher-quality experience, whether that’s going above and beyond with hotel and resort amenities, private experiences, or simply making their trip extra special.

When asked to cite the reasons to travel, 85% said they travel for relaxation, 81% cited family fun, 81% said they travel to explore new places, and 78% said they travel to connect with important people in their lives.

Respondents said their next leisurely trip will consist of a variety of activity. Some 56% said they will travel to beaches and waterfronts, while 38% said historic sites, 38% will go shopping, parks, camping, cultural food experiences, and visiting friends and relatives are also on the list.


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