Mobile SSP Kargo Begins Blocking Ads On Misinformation Sites

Yet another supply-side platform (SSP) enabling advertisers and agencies to buy news and information sites programmatically has agreed to begin using NewsGuard to filter ones publishing questionable content.

Kargo this morning announced it will utilize NewsGuard’s ratings to “ensure mobile advertisers are protected from placing ads on misinformation and disinformation sources.”

It claims to be the first “mobile-focused” SSP to offer the service to its clients.

In its initial analysis of Kargo’’s supply, the company said NewsGuard found that the news and information sites in its inventory pool averaged a “trust score of 91 out of 100.”

“Through the partnership, NewsGuard will continue to conduct weekly checks of Kargo’s inventory data and flag any untrustworthy news sites,” the company said, adding that the data would be accessible via its customer dashboards.



Several other major SSPs have begun utilizing NewsGuard’s ratings to create “exclusion” and/or “inclusion” lists of publishers deemed suitable for programmatic media buys, and several big agency holding companies including IPG Mediabrands, Omnicom and Publicis have also begun integrating its data into their buyings systems.

To date, no major demand-side platform (DSP) has publicly announced it is doing so.

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