Pinterest's Guerriero Joins Banking Startup That Pays Consumers For Their Data

Pinterest Vice President of Sales and Partnerships Meredith Guerriero has left to join early stage startup Klover, which pays consumers directly in exchange for their data. 

Before Pinterest, Guerriero spent a number of years working for Facebook and Google. Guerriero was responsible for over one-third of Pinterest’s revenue with Fortune 500 partners.

Overall, she has amassed a long career in building and growing billion-dollar businesses across large tech companies.

So why the move to fintech? 

“Money is such an emotional thing,” Guerriero said in a recent statement. “I grew up living paycheck-to-paycheck and understand how essential a service like Klover can be to millions of Americans.” 

Guerriero strongly believes in Klover’s mission to place financial power back into the hands of consumers. 



By offering users direct-deposit cash advances when they need it most, Klover’s mission is to help the 125 million U.S. adults currently living paycheck to paycheck.

In order to eliminate interest and user fees, Klover leverages first-party transaction data that users share voluntarily.  

Klover then partners with brands to provide personalized recommendations to help them make smarter financial decisions.

They claim to offer a market solution, other than incrementality experiments, to advertisers with regard to Apple and Google’s rules impacting efficiency and targeting. 

“We have a real opportunity to remove the shame and embarrassment that surrounds personal finances,” said Guerriero. “We have hit an all-time high of families living paycheck-to-paycheck, and I want to help give them a different path using a new asset -- data.” 

Over the past year, Klover has experienced 1000% growth, currently with about three million users.  

Guerriero says she wants to pave a path for women in executive roles -- especially in fintech, an industry she finds seriously lacking in female representation. “I want to change that,” she says.

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