Study: Text Works Better Than Email For Restaurants

Mobivity is a text-marketing firm. So perhaps it should be no surprise that the company claims text outperforms email in the restaurant business. 

This is based on “an analysis of program retention across 8 million subscribers over 3 years.” It found that “96% of subscribers remain in a program after 90 days, versus 61% for email and 33% for apps. And it states that 90% are still text subscribers after two years. 

The study does concede that marketers “sometimes conclude that the higher cost of text messaging vs. email or apps is harder to justify.” But it contends that: 

  • Text-message subscribers visit stores 44% more often than non-subscribers
  • Subscribers visited 23% more frequently and spend 23% than they did before joining the program
  • The average text program subscriber delivers $12.15 more during the first six months, and up to $16.59

The study presents the case of QSR chain Papa Gino’s and fast-casual chain D;angelo Grilled Sandwiches, which introduced a text program in 2018.   

Mobile offers garnered “nearly 14 times the redemption rate of the same offers sent via email,” the study states. 

Mobivity also says that 60% of text redemptions occur within the first 24 hours -- faster than with email. 

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  1. John Grono from GAP Research, December 24, 2021 at 2:57 p.m.

    Maybe they just couldn't be bothered to cancel theit text subscription.   Surely establishing what proportion acted upon a text receipt (i.e. went and dined within, say, a 7-day window).

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