Video Streamers Spike Q4 Ad, Promo Spend, Impressions Up 12% Vs. Q3

Video streaming services boosted advertising spend and promotional messaging, resulting in 12% more impressions gained in the final three months of 2021 -- with Paramount+, Disney+, Discovery+, Peacock, and ESPN+ the most active services, according to

An estimated 52.7 billion impressions resulted from an estimated total of $655.8 million in paid advertising and media value placed -- the latter coming from promotional messages on parent company-related TV networks where streaming services have relationships.

Paid advertising totaled an estimated $415.7 million, with $235.2 million in promotional media value. Total fourth-quarter airings numbered 262,180 -- up 8% versus 243,886 in the third quarter.

The bulk of advertising and promotional messaging was placed on NFL football, college football, Major League Baseball, and ESPN’s “SportCenter” programming.



In the previous three-month period, from July to September, 47 billion impressions came from $415.7 million in total advertising and promo messaging -- $256 million in estimated national TV advertising; $159.6 million in media value, coming from promos on TV networks.

In the most recent quarter, in terms of only paid advertising, DirecTV Stream, a new entrant, led all services -- with an estimated $131.4 million in spend. Disney+ was at $51.1 million; Apple TV+, $44.5 million; and Paramount+, $37.1 million.

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