Microsoft Advertising's Billion-Person Milestone

The Microsoft Advertising audience as of March 2021 reached 1 billion people globally on the search engine Bing as well as, AOL, Yahoo, Microsoft News/ and several other Microsoft properties and premium publisher partners, according to Microsoft internal data and Comscore.

Microsoft calls these users “overlapping audiences” -- when one person uses several Microsoft products, and sometimes a device running Windows. As it turns out, most people who use Microsoft services and/or a partner use at least one device that runs Windows.

Overlapping audiences can further a marketer’s reach. Microsoft found that while a portion of each audience is unique, there is a lot of overlap.  In fact, 64% of people in the U.S. who use Windows devices also visit Microsoft advertising properties, according to data from the GWI U.S. for Q3 2021.

These consumers have a higher propensity to make a purchase.

Who is the average Windows device user that visits Microsoft Advertising properties? Some 64% state that learning new skills is important to them, while 57% are between 16 and 44 years old and 51% have a college degree.

About 21% of users are entrepreneurs or interested in entrepreneurship, while 25% are more likely to plan to purchase pet insurance, and 20% are more likely to be senior decision-makers.

Some 19% of users plan to buy a laptop, 61% are more likely to be early tech adopters, 15% are more likely to value contributing to their community, and 13% are more likely to help the environment because it’s important to them.

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