Comscore, WideOrbit Start New Automated TV Buying Platform

TV measurement company Comscore and TV and radio inventory management software company WideOrbit have announced a new automated TV transaction and audience platform called Comscore TV.

The new platform will automate buying and selling of advertising inventory on more than 1700 local TV stations in 210 local markets, covering 96% of U.S. TV homes.

Comscore TV and WideOrbit’s sell-side platform, WO Marketplace, allows advertisers to reach specific impressions in a market and/or daypart rather than making deals around specific TV programming.

The companies say more than 65 agencies, brands, and demand-side platforms (DSPs) will have access to inventory offered through WO Marketplace, with access to Comscore TV data from over 50 million homes.

Recently, WideOrbit integrated Comscore’s Quick Score local market intelligence into its WO Media Sales product. Comscore also recently launched Comscore Everywhere, a single-source, cross-platform measurement currency across content, advertising, planning, and optimization.

In 2015, WideOrbit launched WO Programmatic TV, a demand-side platform where agencies/advertisers can buy local broadcast TV inventory programmatically.



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