Adobe Enhances Its Personalization Engine

Adobe has added new personalization capabilities based on an integration between Adobe Target and Adobe Real-Time CDP. 

The goal is to help brands combine historical customer data with current behavior to personalize experiences across websites, mobile apps and other channels in real-time. That includes email, a spokesperson says. 

Adobe Target is the company’s personalization engine. 

Case in point: a webpage can refresh in real-time “based on a call center interaction a customer is currently engaged in,” Drew Burns writes in a blog post published Wednesday.

Burns adds that customer engagement data is “collected and tied to a customer profile that is then qualified for an audience segment and delivered as personalized content.”

Model controls will soon be available within Target to help users analyze only the most relevant data for a specific campaign. 



For instance, “a hotel may want to present site visitors who live within a 50-mile radius and have booked or shown interest in a weekend stay with a staycation promotion,” Burns writes.  

“In this case, customer attributes such as device type, weather, and loyalty status may not be beneficial and can be excluded for more precise personalization,” he adds.

Brands also often target consumers based on imprecise information.  

“How many times have you gotten a random pop-up ad with a 10% off your next purchase offer for providing your email address?” Burns asks. 

That email address and other information should be used wisely. 

“Regardless of whether a customer buys a refrigerator a week ago or an hour ago, that customer shouldn’t get ads for refrigerators again from the appliance retailer where they purchased the fridge,” Burns writes. 


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