Audit Agency BPA Launches Program To Aid Compliance With California Privacy Act

The audit agency BPA Worldwide announced last week that it’s created a program to help media companies ensure their compliance with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

Called JumpStart, the program aims to identify and remediate compliance gaps and ultimately establish transparent CCPA compliance with customers, partners, users, and regulatory agencies.

CCPA, which was signed into law in 2018, gives California residents the right to know what personal data is being collected about them; to know if their personal data is sold or disclosed, and to whom; to say no to the sale of personal data; to access their personal data; and to request that such data be deleted. It applies to entities that collect consumer data and do business in California, with a series of qualifying thresholds.

Even organizations outside of California that do business with California residents need to be aware and compliant or face fines, BPA Executive Vice President Rich Murphy said.



And organizations handling data of residents from other states will be well served by being compliant under CCPA --" arguably the most stringent data privacy legislation in North America," Murphy added.

The JumpStart program uses technology and processes from the technology company SafeGuard Privacy.

BPA, based in Shelton, Connecticut, has created a process that allows participants to standardize compliance across multi-jurisdictional data-privacy programs, and
maintain compliance on one central platform.

"If new laws are introduced or the existing statute is amended, participants will be alerted to changes and prompted to update their responses and practice as necessary," according to to the company.

In addition to the certificates of compliance awarded by BPA to organizations that are compliant under CCPA, participants can further benefit by sharing their assessments with partners requesting proof of compliance. Publishers may also choose to include their successful CCPA compliance on the audience audits, called Brand Reports.

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