ActionIQ, InfoSum Create Partnership To Leverage Second-Party Data

The creation of partnerships to leverage second-party data has received more attention of late. On Tuesday, enterprise customer data platform (CDP) ActionIQ and collaboration and data cleanroom platform InfoSum announced a partnership to support second-party data.

The agreement combines the ActionIQ CX Hub and the InfoSum Secure Data Clean Room to give brands and publishers a secure environment focused on privacy.

The companies expect the partnership to achieve valuable insights from enriched first-party and second-party partner data. The platform connects and activates first-party data without reliance on third-party data or cookies.  

“With the deprecation of third-party cookies, businesses must rethink their customer strategy, remain compliant with developing regulations, consumer privacy concerns, while simultaneously ensuring the protection of their data,” said Justin DeBrabant, senior vice president of product at ActionIQ. “Enabling experiences that are relevant and personalized is key in attracting and retaining customers.”

Advertisers have relied on cookies to track consumers for years, serving ads on publisher sites or in search queries based on a person's browsing history.

Cookies, which allowed brands and tech companies to target ads based on data, will soon become obsolete.

Apple’s app-tracking-transparency policy -- as well as Google’s Chrome browser policy, which is expected to launch in mid-2023 -- will block third-party cookies.

Google expects to use a feature that the company calls Topics -- a browser-based system that assigns a user a set of interests based on the websites visited.

The partnership combining ActionIQ CX Hub and InfoSum cleanroom aims to give brands easier access to more customer data that can drive personalized, relevant customer experiences.

Valerie Mercurio, InfoSum director of business development, believes this brings more value to the way teams historically have dealt with customer journeys and information by giving them the ability to collaborate with other partners without sharing data.

The data exchange creates an identity graph in ActionIQ. The combination gives business users and marketers deeper visibility and insights into prospects and customers, so they can discover audiences and create customer experiences across all the brand touchpoints. 

InfoSum’s Secure Data Clean Room allows companies to collaborate with unlimited data partners in a secure and privacy-compliant way.

Marketers can onboard their data directly from the ActionIQ CX Hub to their InfoSum cleanroom. The data -- which is encrypted and anonymized -- is funneled through multiple data sets. The enriched data is then fed back into the ActionIQ CX Hub.

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