Brands Are Measuring Creative To Determine Success: Report

Creative data are supplanting other metrics as a way to measure digital campaign performance, according to an analysis by creative platform VidMob.

The firm has observed an increase in key creative velocity metrics, including the number of creative efforts designed per campaign and the number of advertising platforms. 

Presumably, that includes email and other owned media that have long measured creative performance through click-throughs and other indicators in deciding what to send, increasingly in real time and on a 1-to-1 basis. 

VidMob says the creative industry needs to move on from its long reliance on media performance “as a blunt indicator of creative decisions.”

The company detected a 59% increase in the average number of creative outputs per project, the average being over 30. 

In addition, it saw a 156% increase in the average number of platforms connected per brand. 

“These numbers demonstrate that brands need more creative assets across more digital platforms, and are recognizing the enormous power of intelligent creative on performance through informing creative development with data,” states Jill Gray, executive vice president, client solutions at VidMob.




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