TikTok Forges Partnership With Foursquare For In-Store Visit Data

TikTok announced on Monday that it is expanding its partnership with location data platform Foursquare to help advertisers on the video platform to connect the performance of their digital ads to physical in-store visits.

Foursquare Attribution –– the company's measurement product –– will help brands on TikTok quantify the effectiveness of ad campaigns driving consumers into brick-and-mortar stores.

It does this by tracking mobile devices as they move through a physical space, then matches previously exposed devices with this geographic data to provide direct feedback on the number of people who have seen a brand's ad and followed up by visiting the brand's store.

According to TikTok's announcement, Foursquare Attribution is trusted by over 1000 brands and over 500 publishers and platforms.

Foursquare was already TikTok's main location provider, but the company says this new data partnership will help advertisers on TikTok with several new insights, including how many incremental visitors the social app drives to a brand's store, how much a brand needs to spend on TikTok to drive one more customer to its real-world business, and which audiences are driving the most value for its business.

“Foursquare’s location-based attribution product helps businesses maximize the real-world impact of their marketing,” says Foursquare Director of Business Development Scott Townsend in a statement.

TikTok says that “this integration will focus on the metrics that are critical to advertisers with physical business locations. Advertisers will be able to understand how effective their media plan on TikTok has been and discover new insights to optimize campaigns, ultimately tying their TikTok investment back to real-world visits at their business locations.”

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