YouTube Releases Data -- Story Makes The Content

Digital consumption rose more than 30% in 2021, and viewer choice is reshaping content and driving engagement, according to data released by YouTube Monday.

It is the story that makes good content, according to study participants, with 94% saying good content is personal and relevant.

More than 2 billion people come to YouTube every month to satisfy one or all of these needs.

YouTube released findings from its study one day prior to Brandcast 2022, which takes place Tuesday. This year the event moved away from NewFronts to more directly compete for TV ad dollars.

Viewers participating in the study defined "good content" as content that is relevant to them that is intellectually and sensorially stimulating, and resonates emotionally.

Cory Haik, chief digital officer at Vice Media, told YouTube that audiences must see themselves in the content, and will leave if they don’t.

Some 80% of people say they are more open to advertising or branded content when a piece of content is relevant to the viewer. About 88% of people say YouTube helps them expand their perspectives or ways of thinking.

Entertainment has become increasingly important, with 94% of viewers saying that good content tells a good story, while 92% of them say good content is produced with thought and effort.

Some 85% of viewers say good content makes them feel something emotionally. YouTube user Juanes told the platform: “It doesn’t have to be dramatic,” adding that he just wants to go from one emotion to another while watching a video.

About 53% of viewers say they can find “a lot of good content” on YouTube. About 45% say the quality is higher than streaming services, and 27% say it is better than TV.

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