CTV Impressions Rebound, Gain More Share In Q1, Media Aggregators' Buying Ramps Up

Rebounding from the last 12 months, in which connected TV's share of impressions has declined, CTV's share of digital video impressions climbed to a 38% share in the first quarter of this year from 31% in Q4 for advertising clients of ad-serving and analytics company Extreme Reach.

Extreme Reach says the turnaround in the latest quarter was driven by the growing number of marketers using CTV versus other digital video platforms. The company said that for 67% of its advertisers, CTV accounted for between 50% and 100% of the total advertising mix.

“This seems to indicate that we’re seeing a return to pre-pandemic levels across all devices,” an Extreme Reach executive said.

The shift in CTV business is largely attributable to the growing dominance of media aggregator ad sellers over premium publishers -- in terms of how video advertisers are making media buys.

Extreme Reach found that media aggregators accounted for 53% of CTV impressions in 2021, while premium publishers accounted for 47%. Two years earlier, in 2019, premium publishers came in at an 81% share, while aggregators had an 18.5% share.



“[This] indicates that aggregators now have more access to premium inventory, and advertisers have more choices for reaching their target audiences,” the company said.

Over the course of the last 12 months, the impression share of mobile web and mobile in-app either remained the same or has risen -- to 15% and 26%, respectively.

Since the first quarter of 2021, CTV's impression share fell from 41% to 35% in each of the next two quarters -- to 31% in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Last October, Extreme Reach received accreditation for CTV video advertising impression measurement from the Media Rating Council.

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