IAS Debuts Tech To Find Inefficiencies In Supply Paths

Integral Ad Science (IAS) has announced new capabilities to enable marketers to better understand the true financial impact of supply quality and optimize toward efficient and high-quality paths.

Advertisers can now visualize the “true” financial impact of media quality, said IAS Chief Product Officer Tom Sharma, because Total Visibility and the new dashboard in IAS Signal gives clients the option to view a summary of data. 

“As more budgets continue to flow to programmatic advertising, ad buyers are increasingly pushing for greater media quality and transparency,” he said. “Expanded access to programmatic has meant there are multiple paths to the same ad inventory. It results in increased complexity, which is where supply path optimization comes in.”

SPO streamlines the number of paths used to gain access to relevant inventory.

Through the supply path, ad buyers gain the ability to identify the right channel to bid and win inventory with cost efficiency and transparency.



Sharma says advertisers may have concerns about whether their SPO strategies are hurting audience targeting, reach and scale. There is a growing need to shift from cost-cutting to cost-effectiveness for high-quality inventory, or Quality Path Optimization (QPO).

Advertisers gain access to the complete Total Visibility solution, and personalized support from a newly formed Outcomes team.

The Outcomes team is focused on helping clients understand how IAS products and technology are impacting business outcomes.

Similar to the way advertisers or publishers may benefit from advertising effectiveness research to understand whether a campaign is working or how inventory performs, respectively, the research conducted by the Outcomes team helps advertisers measure the impact of media quality, how to improve the quality of their media, or publishers increase their yield by demonstrating how their efforts to increase quality supply impacts campaign effectiveness, Sharma said.

IAS’s QPO solution, Total Visibility, helps buyers uncover inefficiencies within the supply paths allowing advertisers to optimize toward the most efficient and high-quality paths while campaigns are active.

It lowers the barrier to entry by decreasing minimum impression volumes and provides a free summary view that gives more advertisers the opportunity to enhance their visibility into their programmatic buys, allowing them to drive optimal marketing outcomes for their campaigns.

The company says Total Visibility has increased advertisers’ programmatic campaign performance, delivering up to 22% media cost efficiency by reallocating spend to higher quality paths.

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