Networks Ramp Up Summer Promo, Boost Media 8% Vs. A Year Ago

Amid growing streaming and connected TV advertising efforts, traditional media companies continue to also ramp up their legacy linear TV networks promotion and advertising efforts heading into the summer period.

Total media value and paid national TV spending is up 8% to $955.9 million over a two-month period from April 2-May 31, according to estimates from -- producing 162.7 billion impressions.

The total was $883.4 million a year ago for the same period -- producing 145.6 billion impressions during that period.

The overall bulk of that promotional and advertising messaging came from TV networks using their own airwaves -- $867 million in media value from promoting their own shows on their networks, as well as $88.9 million coming from paid national TV marketing deals.



CBS was in the lead with 13.4 billion impressions, followed by ABC with 10.1 billion and NBC at 9.0 billion -- the most active of all TV networks. Then comes Warner Bros. Discovery for its networks HGTV and Food Network, at 7.3 billion impressions apiece.

The biggest TV show efforts over the last two months were HGTV’s “Celebrity IOU,” Food Network’s “Worst Cooks in America” and Hallmark Channel’s “When Calls the Heart.”

Top broadcast-network programming over this period includes ABC’s “Good Morning America,” CBS’s “Come Dance With Me,” CBS’s “Survivor,” ABC’s “Holey Moley,” ABC’s “Who Do You Believe?” and Fox’s USFL Football.

The big overall promoters for general network creative messaging include Disney Channel (1.5 billion impressions), Nickelodeon (1.2 billion), Fox News Channel (973.3 million); and MeTV (849.8 million).

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