Brands May Get A Charge Out Of This Catalina/Volta Deal - Dole Did

Consumer shopping researcher Catalina and digital out-of-home media network Volta have partnered to share data that reveals the shopping patterns of electric vehicle (EV) drivers.

Catalina has agreed to provide data on the sales lift generated by Volta's more than 4,600 digital out-of-home advertising screens, which it operates on EV charging stations. And Volta has agreed to provide Catalina with data on consumer exposure to ads on its EV charging station displays so it can measure how those ads perform.

While the partnership is being announced this morning, a beta test by Dole Fresh Foods demonstrated an 8% sales lift from shoppers exposed to its ads on Volta's screens. The test also showed that Dole increased the share of sales in its category by 8.5%, the companies said.

"The concise and point-blank delivery of data to spotlight sales conversions and buyer response further simplified the out-of-home metrics and underscored the value Volta Media provides," Dole Food Co. Director of Shopper Marketing Kellee Miller stated.



As significant as Dole's lift was, Catalina also disclosed another trial by an unnamed "leading fast casual restaurant whose products are also sold in stores," which generated a 15% sales lift and a 29% improvement on its return on ad spend, based on ads appearing on Volta's screens.

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