Klaviyo Debuts Data Tool For Enterprise Brands

Customer platform Klaviyo has launched a tool to help large brands unify their customer data to deliver what the firm says is personalized experiences at scale. 

The new product, Klaviyo One eliminates the work it takes to get an entire tech stack to work in a unified fashion, the firm says. 

The goal is to provide brands with  “one unified platform for all their customer data and communications that would enable to them to quickly use data to make decisions,” says Ed Hallen, chief product officer and co-founder of Klaviyo. 

“Today, if you’re a high-scale or high-growth consumer business, you buy and cobble together your customer technology stack with software from multiple vendors that barely integrate at all and certainly not in real time” he continues. 



This was missing in the enterprise space, he adds.  

Klaviyo claims KlaviyoOne will fit easily into existing stacks, while delivering enterprise grade personalization at scale. 

One of its key properties is that the unified platform eliminates the need to work with disparate systems that do not communicate with each other. 

In addition, it provides fast speed and execution to facilitate automated A/B testing, reporting, and revenue attribution, Klaviyo continues. 

The firm also says that its predictive analytics and machine learning tools deliver omnichannel experiences at scale.

Klaviyo offers several automated services to help clients conduct email, SMS and other types of campaigns. One such capability is the Price Drop Trigger, which alerts email and text subscribers when a product they like goes on sale at a lower price.  

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