ChannelAdvisor Pursues Integration With Criteo

Expansion into other media remains a top priority for ChannelAdvisor -- not just in the United States, but worldwide. As brands adapt multichannel commerce to accelerate performance, the company formed a partnership with Criteo, despite the France-based company's struggles with European regulators.

ChannelAdvisor last week announced a partnership with Shopee, an online shopping platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, and last month it announced a partnership with Criteo before French data regulators hit it with a large fine of $65.4 million (€60 million) based on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a set of consumer privacy rulings in Europe.  

The complaint accused Criteo of operating as a “manipulation machine,” with help from tracking techniques and data-processing practices designed to profile web users, so the company can target consumers with ads.

That doesn’t seem to bother ChannelAdvisor, which has integrated with Criteo Retail Media API.



Despite the disruption, Greg Ives, director of product marketing at ChannelAdvisor, wrote in an email to Inside Performance that early responses from customers have been “extremely” positive. “The brands we work with are excited about being able to expand and manage their retail media efforts across a broad network of retail sites from a centralized platform,” he wrote.

With more than 350 marketplace and retail integrations, has ChannelAdvisor integrated into more than 350 marketplaces and retailers. There is an entire network of retail media channels that allow brands to increase visibility on some of the largest global retailers.

Integrating with Criteo gives ChannelAdvisor sellers a way to manage retail media campaigns alongside selling and order management tools -- all within one interface.

The most recent release from ChannelAdvisor provides brands with a central platform for product listings and advertising strategies by using automation for campaign creation and management, automated bidding, and ad management across preferred retail channels.

Criteo has revealed new insights into how Apple’s data lockdown affected advertising, how the company is testing post-cookie ad targeting with Google and how it is developing a stronger relationship with Meta.

Criteo took a $16 million hit to revenue in the second quarter, partially blaming Apple’s anti-tracking policies in its most recent earnings call. It focused partly on n its updates about broader trends in advertising technology, moving away from cookie tracking, forming new partnerships, and pushing into retail media.

Criteo is strengthening its first-party data strategy. The most recent example is its work with a large unnamed publisher for retargeting that has enabled Criteo to drive a full-yield increase with first-party data in areas where third-party signals are blocked like Apple Safari, and continue to test other browser environments such as Chrome.

Criteo is in the process of collecting many topics to start testing in Chrome, but those tests are still relatively low. The company is waiting for more opportunities to test.

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