Microsoft Ads Extends RSA Migration Date, Again

Advertisers using Microsoft Ads now have five additional months to migrate their expanded text ads to Responsive Search Ads (RSAs).

Expanded Text Ads (ETAs) will continue to serve with RSAs, but advertisers will no longer have the ability to create new or edit existing ETAs. This is an extension from Microsoft’s previously planned August 29, 2022 deadline.

The extension was given in response to advertisers needing more time to make the transition.

Microsoft wrote in a blog post that those advertisers who switch from ETAs to RSAs “using similar assets” see an average of a 7% conversion rate improvement in their performance.

For those still migrating ads, Microsoft suggests the following best practices. RSA best practices include:

Microsoft recommends several approaches to experience gains by ensuring that all ad groups have at least one RSA:
Best practices for responsive search ads:

  • Create responsive search ads in existing ad groups. We recommend you have a minimum of one active responsive search ad in an ad group. Please note that there is a limit of three enabled responsive search ads per ad group.
  • Provide as many assets as possible. Aim to provide at least 8-10 distinct headlines that don't contain similar phrases. Use a combination of short and long headlines to maximize space on any device. Create titles that are related to your keywords and use at least 1 brand title. Use a single dynamic keyword insertion.
  • Make content distinct. Avoid repetitive language and create distinct descriptions. Include additional product or service benefits and features, a clear call-to-action, and shipping and return information.
  • Avoid pinning headlines or descriptions, if possible. Pinning restricts the number of headline or description combinations to match a customer's search.
  • Combine auto-bidding to optimize your target metrics.



RSAs automate the creation of ads. This allows advertisers to provide up to 15 headlines and four descriptions.

Microsoft Advertising mixes and matches the most optimal combinations to create effective ads for potential customers.

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