Udacity's Trailblazing CMO Leading Their Own Path

Behind the Scenes with Sarah Reynolds 

Udacity's Sarah Reynolds talks about why their identity pronouns is not optional, living more authentically and their favorite disconnect..."brain candy!"

I've had the opportunity to connect with and learn from executives of major brands at MediaPost's Insider Summits. In the process I've discovered some truly impressive people -- not only for the work they do, but their stories behind the scenes. With Brand Insider: BTS, I get to pull back the curtain on some of the most influential marketers as they talk about their path to success: the twists and turns, obstacles, inspirations and the valuable lessons learned along the way.

“I needed to use my position or needed to use the visibility that comes with my position to really be open and honest about the person that I was and about my identity and about my pronouns…so that I could change the way that we think about, what does leadership look like.” The position Sarah Reynolds holds is CMO of Udacity, a title in the tech industry that is rarely held by someone who identifies as non-binary. In this episode of Brand Insider: BTS, Sarah shares with me the challenging process they went through to be fully open about their identity at work. They also talks about overcoming one’s imposter syndrome, and how they went from a fancy degree in Classical Studies to working as a chef to finally marketing in tech…basically by accident! You can watch the entire conversation here:



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