Live, Linear TV Outpaces Streaming In TV, Movie Program Discovery, Process Still A 'Pain'

Live, linear TV may be losing ground when it comes to soaring streaming platform viewership. But not when it comes to viewers discovering and finding TV shows.

Live, linear TV has the "highest success rate," with 51% of users saying they regularly find what they want, according to a TiVo survey of 4,503 U.S. and Canadian consumers in the second quarter of 2022.

By comparison, 32% of viewers said the same for subscription video-on-demand services.

The most effective way of finding and discovering TV shows or movies is through "commercials or ads that run in other TV shows," which scored 49.9%.

Word-of-mouth was next at 45.5%, followed by social media at 33.1%, suggestions from TV channel guides with 28.3%, advertising on streaming/online videos at 27.6% and browsing on streaming apps at 27.0%

“With each new year [TiVo's] Video Trends Report respondents express increasing difficulty finding their desired programming by searching on different video content services,” say the authors of the survey. “Discovery remains the number one pain point for consumers.”



In other data, the survey also says respondents reported watching an average of 4.3 hours of content per day overall -- down from 4.5 hours in the fourth quarter of  2021.

The most alarming decline here was with millennials whose total viewing time dropped to 4.7 hours per day from 5.3 hours per day in the fourth quarter.

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