New Creator-First Platform Doubles Down On SMS Marketing

CreatorCart, a new social selling tool, has announced its first beta available to brands, influencers, and creators, helping them to gain more long-term influencer partnerships and purchases, the company says.

CreatorCart is a creator-focused social commerce platform that aims to extend the engagement between brands and customers via SMS marketing, a tool that has a 98% open rate and is one of the fastest ways to connect with a customer, with 85% of customers preferring it over voicemail or email, according to G2. 

SMS marketing has become more popular in recent years because it gives brands, marketers and influencers the ability to engage customers in a more personal, connected, and authentic way, ultimately creating a new sales channel that is not tethered to one social media platform. 

As smartphone usage continues to rise, amidst the expansion of social media channels, CreatorCart is targeting brands, influencers, and creators attempting to protect and enhance customer relationships and sales beyond a social post. 

The New York City-based company invites influencers and content creators to sell directly to a social follower and monitor their analytics to provide brands with real-time data about products and SKUs. 

“Traditional brands are going to be left behind if they don’t see the power of democratized media,” said a CreatorCart spokesperson. “Influencers are becoming their own brands, running their own content businesses, and mastering their distribution of products directly to consumers.”

The company, which is still looking for strategic partners and investors, seems to run on the ethos that brands need to redesign how they engage influencers as advertising and marketing gets replaced with content.

“We’ve already seen how brands can leverage this 1:1 approach with examples such as resources to followers on National Coming Out Day or giving customers background on a product they’re inquiring about,” said CreatorCart co-founder Tobias Lindvall. “SMS isn’t going away, and we’re excited to show the industry an efficient and strategic way to leverage it.”

CreatorCart is now available on Shopify.  

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