'Thursday Night Football' Scores 11.4M Viewers Overall, More Younger Viewers, Amazon Says

Although Amazon Prime Video’s exclusive airings of NFL’s “Thursday Night Football” have scored top audience results compared to a year ago, according to its parent company Amazon, viewing is 24% lower, per traditional Nielsen metrics.

Through eleven games, "Thursday Night Football" is averaging 9.7 million viewers, according to Nielsen. That would be down 24% from 12.7 million viewers a year ago on Fox and/or the NFL Network.

But Amazon's measurement, which includes its first-party data from all its video channels -- viewing data from millions of devices and accounts -- says results are much closer to last year's total -- finding that through eleven games, “TNF” is averaging 11.4 million viewers.

In addition, Amazon says it has more younger viewers. Season-to-date, “TNF” on Prime Video is up 16% to 2.2 million viewers among the 18-34 audience. On Fox, NFL Network, and Prime Video a year ago, it was 1.9 million.



Also the median audience age of “TNF” games on Prime Video is much lower than on linear TV. For example, for the recent Buffalo Bills-New England Patriots game last week, the median age was 48 -- six years younger than the 2022 NFL average on linear networks.

In the older viewers, Amazon says 50% of “TNF” on Prime Video is among the 18-49 audience versus 38% in 2021.

Nielsen’s data for Prime Video’s national TV rating comes from its national TV panel, including set-top boxes, connected TVs, web and mobile, as well as Twitch, local over-the-air stations, out-of-home viewing, and NFL+.

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