Chatbots Work Best With Email Drip Campaigns: Study

Chatbots are growing in popularity in B2B. But email remains the most leveraged channel to support demand generation and the two work best together, according to The State of Chatbots in B2B Demand Generation, a study released last week by 

Of the companies polled, 76% use email, 70% use social media and 55% use paid-search engine marketing.

In addition, 53% deploy digital advertising, 39% organic SEO , 35% content marketing and 27% webinars. 

The crux of this report is that chatbots are growing in usage: Roughly 85% of those polled use them for demand-generation programs. However, 46% say that the best way to obtain qualified leads is to combine email drip campaigns and chatbots. 

Also effective are email campaigns with embedded video (41%), email drip campaigns (40%), social-media posts on Instagram and Facebook (35%), LinkedIn ads (31%) and webinars (30%). 

Of those that use chatbots, 83% say they increased their lead generation volume by at least 5%. Moreover, 58% say the growth was 10% or more and 15% report growth of 30%.

And, 57% say chatbots help them better understand respondents. They are also useful for lead generation (55%), prospect education (43%), stronger customer relationships (42%) and booking demos, meetings and signups (31%).  

Chatbots are most useful in the middle of the funnel for things such as newsletter subscriptions and webinar sign-ups, 43% say. And 36% feel they are useful at the top of the funnel to drive content downloads or lead generation. They are deemed least effective at the bottom of the funnel. surveyed roughly 1,000 B2B marketing professionals in October 2022. 




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