Outreach Offers AI-Driven Tool For Creating B2B Sales Emails

Sales execution platform Outreach has unveiled an AI-driven tool that it says will enable B2B salespeople to send emails and improve overall efficiency. 

The new tool, Smart Email Assist, auto-generates relevant email copy based on the prior context of conversations between buyers and sellers. It has been integrated into the firm’s sales execution platform. 

“We're removing the burden of starting every email with an empty text window, and allowing sellers to be an editor instead of an author,” says Manny Medina, cofounder and CEO of Outreach. 

Medina adds: “When every AE has AI at their fingertips, sales leaders will see massive efficiencies across their teams, so they can create and close more pipeline.”

The tool is one in a line of recent AI offerings designed to help marketers craft and send emails and other communications. 

For instance, ChurnZero has added generative artificial intelligence into its customer success platform. Its new tool, Customer Success AI, allows teams to craft and customize a cadence of emails, a call script, or a list of ideas by entering a few details, the firm says.

Outreach will preview of Smart Email Assist and other new capabilities, at its Explore+ event on March 15, 2023.


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