Pickup Lines: Copy That Works For Brands In AI Campaigns

Brands scored well with AI-driven messages in email and other channels in 2022. But it depended on the theme and the vertical sector, judging from What 20.9 Billion AI-generated Messages Tell Us About Customer Motivation, a report by Persado. 

For example, looking at fashion and retail, the top narrative performer -- timelessness -- generated the highest response in 68% of the campaigns it appeared in. Versatility was second, at 58%.

Which were the effective lines that suggested timelessness? 

  • Tried and true
  • A verified classic
  • Always iconic
  • Welcome to your new forever piece 
  • You’re going to reach for this again and again (and again) 

In contrast, convenience was a bust for retailers. Messages like these fell short:

  • Stay connected on the go 
  • One tap, and you’re done 
  • Access anywhere



Looking forward, the study suggests that versatility will be strong this year, along with quality and self-confidence (i.e., “these will look great on you,” “Flatter Yourself,” and “Compliments, guaranteed.” 

Meanwhile, convenience was the leading response provider in the financial services area, driving 53% of the response in campaigns it was in. The best lines included: 

  • Activate your cashback category with just one click 
  • Go paperless & reduce clutter 
  • Welcome to our new simple billing experience
  • Our easy-to-use app can help you manage your finances

On the downside, proactivity — narratives that encourage customers to think about the future—flopped for financial marketers I 2022. The bad lines included: 

  • Consider investing in your future
  • Our app keeps you informed 
  • Get a head start on saving

Given the uneasy financial climate, the study forecasts that peace of mind will resonate in 2023, with lines such as: 

  • Checking your rate doesn’t hurt your credit score 
  • A safe & secure way to store your funds

This study is based on an analysis of responses to nearly 21 billion messages tied to more than 3,200 experiments on the Persado Motivation AI Platform. The channels included email, mobile apps, onboarding, text messages, customer service, loyalty, web sites and IVR scripts. 

The report explores brand best practices using Motivation AI, a class of enterprise Generative AI technology that uses advanced machine learning, natural-language processing and deep-learning transformer models to understand intent and create motivation-informed messages.

The results were different in the Travel & Leisure category. Here, the year 2022 was called “The Year of Revenge Travel.”

The rejuvenation theme was tops, driving 83% of the response to campaigns it was featured in.

The most effective lines included: 

  • We’re giving you an excuse to take a day off
  • R&R, this way 
  • You deserve a relaxing getaway.  
  • But escapism underperformed. Don’t try lines like: 
  • Dreaming about your next trip
  • Re: that escape plan 

The big themes in 2023 will include freedom (“Live your best life,” “Carpe diem”). Wanderlust may also work (“Oh, the places you’ll go, ” “There’s a world waiting to be explored”).

“Humans are extremely complex and consumer behavior is constantly changing, depending on daily life experiences," concludes Lisa Spira, vice president of content intelligence for Persado. Consumer motivations are just as fluid; what drives someone at one moment, through one channel, in one industry, may flop in another."


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