Clearbit Adds Data, More Flexible Pricing To B2B Service

B2B intelligence firm Clearbit has added enhancements that will allow teams to use real-time data to personalize their products in an affordable way, the company says. 

The expansion of the Powered By Clearbit program is designed to provide users with “complete and compliant data, fast APIs, and now a cost-effective model that puts them in control of their data usage,” says Robin Spencer, Clearbit COO.

On-demand pricing is another feature of the program. 

Clearbit powers data enrichment and intelligence for more than 100 marketing and sales applications, including HubSpot, G2 Buyer Intent, Drift, Clari and Mutiny.

“From AI-driven chatbots to business intelligence applications, B2B solutions thrive on data,” says Scott Brinker, Brinker adds that Clearbit provides the capability for teams to use "real-time intelligence to add context and personalization to their user experiences."

Koala uses Clearbit’s IP intelligence to reveal visitors and intent signals for their users’ websites. The firm can automatically create a new Clearbit API key for its end customers, offering both free and paid data subscription options.



“With typical vendors, Koala would need to pre-pay for all data required to support product development and projected customer growth,” says Koala CEO Tido Carriero. “With Clearbit, Koala gets free data credits for every Koala customer," he adds, as well as API integration.


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