'Scream VI' Scores Its Best Franchise Box Office, With Modest 2.9M In TV Spend

Oscar weekend was the perfect time for Paramount’s latest edition of its “Scream” franchise to scare up its best opening weekend with $44.5 million in U.S./Canada box office, according to Comscore.

“Great marketing and perfect release date made this one a winner,” said Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst at Comscore.

That marketing included an engaging Halloween-night themed 60-second spot on a New York City subway with costumed passengers carefully eyeing a now iconic “Ghostface” character -- black hood and cloak with a jagged, white vinyl mask.

Much of the campaign ran on NBA basketball, USA Network’s “WWE Monday Night Raw,” college basketball, MTV’s “Ridiculousness” and ESPN’s “SportsCenter.”

The predominantly four-week national TV marketing campaign spent a modest estimated $2.9 million for some 1,754 airings -- pulling in 653.8 million impressions, according to iSpot.tv.



Average national TV ad spend can range from an estimated $12 million to $25 million depending on the location size of the release, according to analysis. Overall marketing for a wide-release movie can cost $35 million to $37 million.

Sony Pictures' new sci-fi film “65” -- about a futuristic spaceship that crash-lands on a distant planet where only the captain and a young girl survive -- came in at third place at $12.3 million.

It came in third place behind the second weekend of MGM's” Creed III”, which scored another strong $27.1 million.

A new release from Universal Focus Features -- “Champions,” about a minor league basketball coach sentenced to community service and forced to coach a Special Olympics team -- took in $5.2 million for seventh place.

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