Braze Forms Integration With WhatsApp

Customer engagement platform Braze is offering what it calls native support for messaging via WhatsApp. 

The new capability allows marketers to suppress paid-social ads the instant a customer converts on WhatsApp, mobile app, web, email, or any other digital touchpoint, among other things, Braze says. 

In addition, marketers can create, orchestrate and send WhatsApp campaigns from the Braze platform, it adds. 

“Today’s consumers continue to gravitate toward WhatsApp to learn about products and services,” says Kevin Wang, chief product officer for Braze.

Braze aims to help marketers “embrace this messaging revolution and take full advantage of this emerging marketing arena to deliver richer, conversational experiences to customers.”

According to Braze, its WhatsApp business integration can help brands:

  • Engage global audiences and speed up time to value with faster WhatsApp onboarding.
  • Connect with customers in two-way conversations.
  • Optimize and consolidate marketing tech spending to retention use cases.

The service is now generally available. 

One brand that is making use of the Braze-WhatsApp integration is online personal shopping service Lookiero.

“We wanted to test how adding WhatsApp to our channel mix could help us recover churned users,” says Emma Ferran, head of retention for Lookiero. “Our initial win-back campaign on WhatsApp saw a 28% uplift from our existing win-back campaigns on other channels.” 

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