Walmart Taps Innovid to Enhance CTV Advertising Personalization

Walmart has tapped independent advertising platform Innovid to enhance personalization of connected TV (CTV) ad creative, optimization and interactive experiences for the omnichannel demand-side platform (DSP) for its Walmart Connect retail media business.

The integration of Innovid's AI-powered Dynamic Creative Optimization technology (DCO) into the Walmart DSP allows advertisers to quickly and automatically optimize content to deliver optimal messaging and design to individual customers, in real time, according to the companies. 

Powered by AI, the DCO solution enables more engaging and interactive CTV creative to enhance performance and return on investment, per Innovid, which will also offer ad delivery services for the DSP.

The partnership applies to Walmart DSP's off-site inventory, enabling brands and agencies to connect with the retailer's customer base across channels and platforms.

The DSP, built in partnership with The Trade Desk and driven by Walmart’s first-party omnichannel data, connects and measures online and in-store performance, and offers targeting and reporting on a granular level, per Walmart.



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