LiveRamp, Basis Partner To Defeat Signal Loss In Ad Targeting

Basis Technologies can now use marketers’ first-party CRM data to engage existing customers across any digital device. The feature, which helps advertisers overcome targeting challenges from the loss of signals, is automated in the Basis platform through an integration with LiveRamp.

Spinutech, an Iowa-based full-service agency with 160 employees throughout the country, is one of the first to use the integration to support creative, content, search engine optimization and more.

“For us it’s the speed in which the data is available,” says Bailey Bosson, vice president of digital marketing at Spinutech, who has worked with Basis for about a decade, and many years with LiveRamp. “Uploading and having the data available in minutes rather than waiting two to three days is helpful.”



Bosson mentioned simplified pricing, contracts and processes, as well as seamless campaign management controls. It also lets clients compare audiences, and proactivity test for the cookieless world.

“Sometimes it really comes down before a promotion launches, we get a CRM list,” she said. “It allows us to get it into the platform and start targeting right away without having downtime. We can see the match rate and win rate.”

Reaching target audiences is becoming more difficult for digital advertisers. Although third-party cookies and other forms of digital identifiers have been the predominant way of targeting ads on digital channels, marketers and publishers are being pressured to curtail these methods due to users’ concerns around privacy.

Market forces such as the blocking of third-party cookies and mobile identifiers, as well as new government regulations, are increasing the urgency for brands and agencies to use tactics that utilize customer data gathered with consent.

Basis and LiveRamp had a prior integration, but it required the advertiser to sign an agreement with both companies.

The majority of Basis customers now have the ability to upload CRM data and create a LiveRamp ID applied to a segment in the Basis platform, says Jennifer Schaen, senior vice president of Basis Customer Experience at Basis Technologies.

Google in 2022 delayed plans to phase out Chrome’s use of third-party cookies. In a blog post, Anthony Chavez, Google’s VP of Privacy Sandbox, wrote that the company will target the second half of 2024 as the timeframe for adopting an alternative technology.

Schaen believes the Basis and LiveRamp integration is an alternative technology.

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