Twilio Launches New Identity, Profiling Tools

Customer engagement platform Twilio has launched an identity resolution tool that it says can help firms provide hyper-personalized experiences. 

The new offering, Segment Unify, allows brands to merge the complete history of each customer into a unified profile, and to send those profiles to their data warehouse, where they can be enriched with data.  

The goal is to remove the hurdles that have long held back businesses and data teams from providing deeply personalized experiences, says Kevin Niparko, vice president of product at Twilio.

In addition, Twilio has introduced Reverse ETL, a tool that enables firms tp pull those enriched “golden profiles” out of the data warehouse and send them to any downstream tool in the tech stack, including Sendgrid, Twilio’s email platform, and Google Ads.  



Segment Unify includes Profiles Sync, and offers access to Reverse ETL.

“Niche startups may offer to move data around with single features, but without ‘golden profiles’ or identity resolution, businesses run the risk of using an incomplete package,” Niparko states. “Elsewhere, brands are finding themselves cornered by legacy vendors who provide limited flexibility outside of their own systems.”

The need is supported by new Twilio research showing that 66% of consumers will abandon their brand loyalty if the experience is not personalized. 

In a hypothetical use case, a data team could model a ‘likely to convert, potential loyalty program” members, combining behavioral and event data from an e-commerce website with relational data that resides in their data warehouse—for example, data collected from a contact center or CRM. 

This profile can then be sent downstream, the company says.

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