GetResponse Offers AI-Based Email Marketing Tool

GetResponse has adopted OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology and is now offering a tool called AI Email Generator. 

The product is designed to help marketers reduce the time it takes to create emails and deliver more relevant content to subscribers, the company says.

AI Email Generator is now available only in English, but will soon be extended to other languages. 

It works as follows: Users enter key details such as the intent, occasion, and target audience for their email. AI Email Generator creates all content for the email, including the copy and subject line, along with the design and photos. 

According to the company, the tool improves personalization and performance tracking and has speeded up email newsletter creation in beta tests.  

"Businesses often don't have resources for a dedicated person to create and optimize their emails, or marketers themselves might not have the time to do so, meaning they are not fully leveraging on the key marketing channel,” says Przemek Pipiora, lead project manager at GetResponse. 

GetResponse is an email platform based in Gdansk, Poland.


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