Agency PMG Integrates Its Platform With OpenAI API

PMG has integrated its technology platform Alli with OpenAI’s generative artificial intelligence (AI) API to enhance copy generation and campaign efficiencies.

Keri Boerner, head of SEM at PMG, told Inside Performance that all 67 employees within the search department use Alli at least once weekly, but access to the Generative AI system integration is based on the advertisers they support.

“It’s really interesting to come up with new ideas that you might not have thought of,” Boerner said. “With all the changes that Google and Microsoft have been making around creativity and performance, it’s difficult to come up with 15 different headlines and maximizing under character limits.”

With Mother’s Day coming up, she said, the agency has been using the feature to try different creatives for the holiday. It may mean creating headlines and copy with a specific focus for different audiences and region across the U.S.  



The system is learning off a tight data set, with only client-related information, which helps to preserve privacy.

Nothing goes back to the OpenAI ecosystem. Think of it as a walled garden, she said. All the data remains in the “sandbox.”

Paired with Alli’s campaign management data, intelligence, and insights, this new API integration with OpenAI’s ChatGPT unlocks creativity with speed for marketers looking to accelerate campaign performance, starting with paid search campaigns. 

The integration reflects PMG’s ongoing investment in Alli and innovation through the use of generative AI to enhance its capabilities.

In 2022, PMG introduced Alli Creative Insights, which can test creative assets against each other and quickly identify what ad features are winning with campaign audiences. For example, the platform can test if color palettes are resonating, or if product images or models are performing better, allowing creative teams to quickly pivot a brand’s assets and make creative recommendations based on real-time data.

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