AdRoll Unveils Tool To Help Brands Launch Email, Social, Display Ads From One Place

AdRoll has launched what it calls an automation builder -- a tool designed to help digital marketers of all skill levels launch email, social ads, display ads from one interface. 

The automation builder is designed to help users “drive business growth without spending excessive time and money to do so,” says Vibhor Kapoor, president of AdRoll, a division of NextRoll, Inc. 

Previously, it took up to six different platforms to market in all these channels, requiring time — and patience, the firm says.

The automation builder features an integrated email function that allows users to consolidate their email campaigns with their display and social ad campaigns, the company says. Also, they can personalize their emails. 

“Email is commoditized and marketers are unnecessarily overspending on it,” says Cathy Bergstrom, AdRoll’s vice president of product.

“The time savings and campaign streamlining benefits of managing email and advertising together — even if just for retargeting — are reason enough to do it.”

AdRoll users can also view and measure their Google Ads search campaigns via a new integration with Google Ads Manager, providing a view of search ad performance alongside that of other marketing channel campaigns.  

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