Firm Creates Email Writing Tool Built On ChatGPT

Superhuman, an email app that helps people get through their inboxes, has entered the AI realm with Superhuman AI -- a ChatGPT-powered set of features that it says will enable email creators to save time.   

The user only has to jot down some phrases, “and we’ll turn them into a fully written email,” writes CEO Rahul Vohra in a blog post.  

Moreover, “the email sounds like you do,” Vohra continues. Superhuman AI “matches the voice and tone in the emails you’ve already sent, applying that to everything it creates.” 

These benefits seem geared toward individuals, but they could conceivably help writers creating mass emails. 

The new product cleans up of grammar and typos. And it can assist in research, the company says.  

For example, “’What URIs does Google Calendar use on iOS?’ Just ask,” Vohra writes. ‘What are the best ways to manage remote teams?’ Just ask.”

The company will be rolling out beta access over the next few weeks. 

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