Among Streamers, Netflix, YouTube Tops In U.S. Household Reach: TVision

For potential CTV advertisers, Netflix and YouTube offer up the best TV U.S household reach, with a 53% and 52% reach numbers respectively, according to TVision estimates.

Hulu comes next, with a 38%; Amazon Prime Video, at 36%. The next five are in the mid-20 percent range: Peacock (26%); Disney+ (25%); HBO Max (25%); Roku Channel (24%); and Paramount+ (23%).

All of these top ten premium channels offer advertising-supported options, something traditional big brand advertisers are continually eyeing to expand reach as linear TV networks are declining.

The next five ad-supported apps are Tubi (17%), followed by Pluto TV (13%); Apple TV+ (11%); Live TV (9%); and YouTube TV (8%); Spectrum TV (7%).

TVision's measurement panel is comprised of 5,000 homes, 13,000 people, offering second by second data. 



Looking more granular CTV specific shows TVision’s Power Score say Amazon’s Freevee’s “Jury Duty” airing May 1-7 is in first place; Amazon Prime Video’s “Citadel” show in second. Apple TV+ “Ted Lasso” is next. 

Then Paramount+'s “Fatal Attraction”; Netflix’s “Sweet Tooth”; Netflix’ “Firefly Lane”; and then Netflix’s “The Diplomat;  and Disney+ “Star Wars: The Mandalorian”; and Netflix, “Jewish MatchMaking.

Although it did not reveal viewing specifics for each show, TVision says Power Score factors in both viewership and attention data to provide an independent measure of CTV programming performance.

Power Score factors in four key metrics: The amount of time viewers pay attention to the program, the amount of program time available for the season, the program’s reach, as well as the application's reach. It looks at activity across 1,000 apps.

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  1. Ed Papazian from Media Dynamics Inc, May 11, 2023 at 9:55 a.m.

    But Wayne, doesn't TVision know that the Netflix's ad-supported service is a tiny---make that a very tiny---player when it comes to advertising impact with only a million subscribers?

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