Google WNBA Ad Inspires Fashion, Highlights New Ways To Search

Women basketball athletes have always made a fashion statement on and off the court. Fans gain motivation from the player’s abilities -- and now they can gain inspiration from their style.

The campaign for the Woman’s National Basketball Association developed and created by Google’s Creative Lab team demonstrates how fans can search and gain inspiration from their favorite WNBA players’ style. It is part of a larger campaign that begins rolling out this week.

The spot, WNBA Game Day Fits, showcases the world of fashion, and shows how search features in the Google App through Lens and multisearch on Android and iOS devices.

“The search team is constantly adding new capabilities to help people explore the world and ask new types of questions in new ways,” says Marvin Chow, VP, Global Marketing at Google. “Our ongoing ambition is to create work that shines a light on those new features and expands the way people think about searching on Google. This spot is just one of many ways we’ll bring “new ways to search” to the WNBA.”

Some of the top fashion-focused players in the WNBA open the spot, with a narrator saying, “these women are bringing it on and off the court.”

WNBA stars Kelsey Plum, DiDi Richards, Diamond DeShields, Diamond DeShields, Napheesa "Phee" Collier, Isabelle "Izzy" Harrison, Kahleah Copper, Arike Ogunbowale and Dearica Hamby show off their “tunnel fits,” a curated style of fashion for some of the top athletes, and how Search can help fans discover and inspire their own style.

Kelsey Plum and Diamond DeShields are also featured in Google Pixel’s latest NBA campaign, Greatest Watch Party.

The spot will run across digital and social in addition to the broadcast. The featured WNBA players also will share via their personal social media.

And while the campaign does not allow consumers to click through to make a purchase on the brand's website, it presents an opportunity for Google to expand options.  

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